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Aquatic Center

Sidewinders Skatepark

MLK Sports Pavillion

Mardi Gras Scavenger Hunt

  • Join us for photo Mardi Gras Scavenger Hunt
  • Free
  • Here’s how it will work:
    • All participants must register by February 9, 2021
    • Team may be up to 5 members, all members must be in photo
    • All ten clues will be emailed at 5:30pm
    • Participants must follow clues that will lead them to city facilities, parks, local restaurants/business.
    • You must take a team selfie by the banner.
    • It doesn’t matter what location you go to first as long as you find them all.
  • Prizes for the following:
    • First team to upload and tag @elcentroparksandrecreation on Facebook with the most photos
    • First team to text ten photos
    • First team to email ten photos
    • Team with the most Mardi Gras spirit 
    • Team with best “team” costumes
  • For more information or to register please contact (760) 336-1482 or email

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