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Vaccine Information

The Imperial County state health officials detailed plans for Phase 1B of the state’s vaccine rollout on Wednesday.

Though the plans are in place, the county remains in Phase 1A.

When Phase 1B goes into effect – likely not until after January – there will be four tiers of prioritization of vaccinating Washingtonians:

  • Tier 1: People age 70 or older and people age 50 or older living in multi-generational households.
  • Tier 2: High-risk critical workers age 50 or older in congregate settings, including grocery stores, correctional facilities, public transit, schools, agriculture, etc.
  • Tier 3: People age 16-70 with two or more underlying health conditions.
  • Tier 4: High-risk critical workers in congregate settings – like Tier 2 – under age 50 and staff and volunteers of all ages in congregate living facilities. 

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